Legendary DJ Console, the Pioneer CDJ 2000 Gets A LEGO Makeover With Moving Turntable and Tempo Fader

If you’ve ever walked into a club playing dance music, attended an EDM festival, or just watched some of your favorite deejays perform online, chances are, they’ve used a Pioneer CDJ to play their mixes. Touted as one of the most famous turntables in the world, the CDJ is still preferred by a lot of electronic music artists for its features, its ubiquity, and just how incredibly resilient it is to accidental bumps, pushes, or even beer spills (some of those Boiler Room sets can get a little too wild). Designed as an homage to perhaps the greatest deejaying kit ever created, this LEGO build immortalizes the iconic Pioneer CDJ 2000… but here’s the kicker – it isn’t your average LEGO creation – it’s stunningly functional too, with a surprising amount of moving parts including a spinning disc, a moving tempo fader, an ejecting CD tray, a dynamic screen, and even a removable USB stick for the modern MP3 generation!

Designer: Megragadó Gladiátor Ezredes

Built to an awe-inspiring amount of detail, the LEGO recreation of the Pioneer CDJ 2000 is made from a stunning 2,628 bricks, featuring a true-to-reality aesthetic that includes controls on the top, input/output ports on the back, and even components under the hood. If you ever wanted to pull apart a CDJ without breaking a real one, this might just be the next best way.

Nearly every part of the LEGO CDJ is operable (the GIF above demonstrates the stunningly realistic build), including the obvious spinning disc and moving crossfader. However, the CDJ even has an actual CD tray with an ejector arm, and two types of display units that feature either a playlist view for selecting a track, or a waveform view for seeking the right part of the song. Depending on the display module, you can actually toggle through tracks, or move up and down along a waveform just like you would on an actual CDJ.

While most LEGO builds try to somewhat vaguely recreate an existing object, there are a rare few that go above and beyond by actually being functional (like this LEGO lawnmower from last year). However, a lawnmower is still a somewhat rudimentary gizmo when compared to something as complex as a digital turntable for deejaying.

The Pioneer CDJ 2000 LEGO build is currently just a fan-made concept on the LEGO Ideas forum. With more than 2,400 votes as of writing this piece, the LEGO build is on its way to the coveted 10,000 mark, following which, it heads to LEGO’s official review team for being converted into an actual retail box set. If you’re a fellow audiophile and EDM lover, head to the design’s LEGO Ideas page to cast a vote for it!