Citroën My Ami Buggy is a cute off-roading ready EV for adventure buddies

Citroën’s My Ami Buggy concept has adventure written all over it, ideal for hiking or camping trips to the deep woods with a cute friend. After all, it breaks the stereotype of big, brawny off-roaders with its friendly face!

Based on the all-electric Ami City car, the fresh new concept by Citroën gets a good installment of stylish and practical touches in the form of huge chunky off-road tires and a grille cover to mask those pretty eyes. The French brand owned by Stellantis elevates the original Ami EV to an intrepid and friendly backpacker personality with inspiration from construction games, industrial design, and the glamorous world of fashion.

The outdoor and leisure feel of My Ami is evident on the first look from the striking camouflage skin in khaki and black. Lack of the usual vehicle doors, which now instead have removable weatherproof transparent canvas doors with zippers is a tell-tale indicator of the buggy’s adventure lust. The rugged exterior having bull-bars, rock rails, auxiliary light bar, extended fenders flares, or the spare tire mounted on the roof; makes this four-wheeler capable of treading any terrain. The ground clearance though leaves a whole lot to be desired and could get the fix with aftermarket solutions.

Interiors also get the dash of off-roading styling in the form of Advanced Comfort seat cushions having almost double the padding compared to the standard Ami. There are removable storage bags and racks to stuff up the vehicle with all the essentials for an adventure trip. The dashboard has sizable storage bins to keep other stuff as well. Citroën kept in mind adding smartphone clamp, camera mount bottle holders and removable nomadic speakers keeping in mind the needs of geeky adventure lovers.

Unfortunately, there is no word whether this concept is likely to see the light of day in the future or any of the specifications to give us an idea of its performance. That said, the original Ami legal for 14-year-old (or older) drivers, goes at a tops speed of 28 mph and on a single charge goes 44 miles on its 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It would be safe to assume Citroën will beef up the battery even more for the off-roading capability.

Designer: Citroën