Morgan XP-1 electric trike redefines retrofuturism with handcrafted bespoke design and power delivery

Marching towards an electrified future, iconic British automaker Morgan Motor has unveiled details about its latest creation, the Morgan XP-1 (Experimental Prototype 1). This electric three-wheeler marks a significant shift for the brand renowned for its classic design and combustion engine vehicles. The XP-1 promises to deliver an exhilarating 134 horsepower of good, clean fun, redefining the perception of electric vehicles in the automotive landscape.

Morgan’s commitment to embracing sustainable technology is evident in the XP-1’s specifications. The vehicle is part of the company’s broader strategy to transition towards electric power. The development vehicle embodies Morgan’s dedication to innovation while preserving the distinctive charm that has defined the brand for over a century!

Designer: Morgan Motor

The XP-1 represents a new era for Morgan, boasting a design that seamlessly blends modernity with the British motor car manufacturer’s timeless aesthetics. The three-wheeler prototype promises to captivate enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s rich heritage while embracing the latest advancements in automotive technology. The XP-1 to that accord is not merely an electric vehicle it is a testament to Morgan’s ability to adapt and evolve while staying true to its roots.

The XP-1’s design is a harmonious fusion of classic Morgan aesthetics and contemporary styling. The three-wheeler maintains the brand’s distinctive charm while incorporating modern elements that define its electric identity. The vehicle’s exterior exudes sophistication, with aerodynamic considerations complementing its overall aesthetic appeal. Underneath its classic exterior, the XP-1 hosts a state-of-the-art battery system that powers its electric motor. The 33 kWh battery unit is placed under that cheeky nose, promising a range of around 150 miles which by industry standards is pretty little but we’ve to consider It’s a purist’s wild dream come true.

According to Morgan Motors, “the powertrain engineered specifically for XP-1, gives its engineers complete control of calibrations to create a range of driving modes featuring a mix of driving characteristics, providing the opportunity to define exactly how an electric Morgan should drive.” The retro-futuristic trike weighing just 1,543 pounds churns out 134 horsepower, delivering the power to the single rear wheel. The XP-1 comes with four drive modes that can be switched seamlessly, represented by a funny-looking chili pepper on the digital display.

Beyond its impressive power and design, the Morgan XP-1 is likely to feature cutting-edge connectivity and driver-assistance technologies. As the automotive industry continues to integrate smart features into vehicles, the XP-1 is poised to offer a holistic driving experience that goes beyond the traditional bounds of a three-wheeler. That said the company wants to keep the vehicle experimental and after “’12 months of design and build, XP-1 will now embark on a comprehensive testing program over the next 18–24 months.”