Tree house-inspired home in Vietnam is built using recycled and local scrap materials

Called Tree House by the Lake, this stunning home is located on the shores of Da Bang Lake in the Chau Duc District in Vietnam. The home is built using recycled metal sheeting and repurposed wood and glass and was commissioned by an elderly couple. Designed by local studio H2, the home is designed to bring the couple and their grandchildren closer to nature, helping them build a deeper connection to it, and immerse themselves in greener surroundings. The Tree House by the Lake is surrounded by the forest and was in fact constructed using local scrap materials to reduce the impact on it.

Designer: H2

“The aim of the project is to create a house that blends in with the woods. The building has a rustic, idyllic appearance of old materials, along with the interior and everything in the house is very simple and light, to make room for sunlight, wind, and trees to play,” said H2. The home was designed to resemble a tree house and is shaded subtly by the forest canopy. The main form of the home gradually rises up from the ground, giving a rather expansive and impressive impression, allowing the cool breeze from the forest to roll into it.

Trees grow through the terrace, voids, and roof via openings of the home, allowing nature to seamlessly and directly integrate with the architecture of the house. The home has two storeys, with the low storey featuring glazing and pivoting panes that open out into the garden and the surrounding landscape. It holds the living room, with a majestic tree growing through the floor. The upper storey is a rectangular volume clad in reclaimed corrugated iron, and it cantilevers over the lower floor, giving the impression that it is gracefully floating in the air.

A long spiral staircase connects the two floors, while a double-height wooden walkway links the bedrooms at either end of the house. The walkway is an interesting indoor-outdoor space with a glazed roof, and an elliptical window sits in the center of the walkway, and functions as a window seat that offers lovely views of the surrounding forest.