Poznan Museum Extension by Claudio Silvestrin

Poznan’s Modern Art Museum is to get a futuristic, funnel-like roof extension, courtesy of London-based Claudio Silvestrin Architects. Come 2008, the museum, which was built in 1900 and added to in 1976, will boast a new gallery on the top floor, a space previously inaccessible to Poland’s art lovers. The configuration is intended to be a statement of contemporary and future architecture.

Architect: Claudio Silvestrin


  • krzh says:

    wouldnt cosider it a good idea. I attended an expose on this extension made by Silvestrin and he actually said that its made so as to fit into the surroundings. Well, i think i doesnt.

  • eric says:

    ugly. this doesn’t embrace its surroundings at all

  • carol ann says:

    what the hell is that

  • karla says:

    a comment from Poznań 🙂 the instalation wasn’t built. It is 2009 allready and after public debate the project, as for now, was postponed.

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