Minimalist home on the Hermosa Beach is the ultimate beach house to move into in summer 2023

Designed by Los Angeles-based architecture studio XTEN, and called the Strandhouse, this Hermosa Beach house is the epitome of minimalist architecture and truly celebrates the beauty of its seaside location. The home was created by the practice founder Monika Haefelfinger and partner Scott Utterstrom as an excellent specimen of beachside living for the coastal Southern California region in a minimalist and contemporary form.

Designer: Monika Haefelfinger and Scott Utterstrom of XTEN

Nestled along the Hermosa Beach, the Strandhouse is surrounded by white sand, and located near the central pier of the beach. The home is marked by large openings, minimalist aesthetics, clean geometries, and subtle decor work, resulting in a space that feels expansive and spacious. It is blessed with stunning vistas and views, functioning as a great viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful body of the ocean. “As the white interiors showcase the client’s art collection, the west-facing glass façade acts as a blank canvas, reflecting various shades of color throughout the day,” said Haefelfinger.

The home includes three distinctive floors, with the ground floor opening up to the beach, and functioning as an extension of it. The second floor is subtly elevated from the ground, and holds all the primary living spaces, while also doubling up as the perfect viewing platform. The top floor houses all the private areas, and three storeys are connected via a white, sculptural, central stair core that also serves as a lightwell, enabling the sunlight to reach the rear of the house. The house is defined by four bedrooms and a range of terraces and balconies which bring open-air elements to the home.

The Strandhouse is the perfect culmination of minimal and clean aesthetics and a neat geometric form. These characteristics give the home a lightweight and subtle feel. The home is also an example of sustainable architecture, as it includes passively designed dual-glazed windows with low-e coating, a thermal chimney, a reflective ‘cool’ roof, stormwater retention and filtration, drought-tolerant planting, and on-site EV charging. The stunning location, sustainable features, good-looking aesthetics, and wide range of rooms make the Strandhouse quite a catch, and the ultimate beach home!