How Mercedes-Benz wants to shape-up the future of performance EVs with the One-Eleven Concept

Mercedes-Benz has revived the experimental fiberglass-bodied C111-II from the 70s as a flashy new electric concept. Stunning to the core, this two-seat hypercar has a very dramatic look on the outside and inside. Just like the ultra-futuristic Vision AVTR, this one christened Vision One-Eleven has the modernized version of the wedged profile in the form of a rounded roofline and rounded flared fenders.

The concept was revealed at the Mercedes’ “Design No.5” creative event, bearing the same bright orange hues sported by the 12 experimental C111 vehicles. One look at this four-wheeled damsel and it comes as no surprise the mind behind this creation is none other than Andrea Bruno, Lead Exterior Designer at Maserati.

Designer: Mercedes-Benz and Andrea Bruno

The front and the rear of the One-Eleven have a sci-fi feel with an array of LED headlights that illuminate the road ahead and the middle section beams custom messages for other drivers to see. Move to the back of the vehicle and you’ll see similar panels. The side profile is nailed down with a cool dual-ridge diffuser and ambient blue lighting along the rear wheels.

Aerodynamic tuning is at the heart of this machine by the German automotive giant. There are three air intakes behind the headlamps, windshield at an angle of 70 degrees and dual air vents to optimize the aerodynamic performance at high speeds and on tight curves. Additionally, the electric motor housed at the rear is intelligently fed by the cool air directed via the vents behind the doors. Downforce is achieved with the large spoiler that further optimizes how the car sticks to the tarmac.

Just like the half-a-century-old predecessor, One-Eleven has swanky gull-winged doors. On opening them, the retro-inspired interior reveals itself. There’s an ultra-wide digital display just like on the front grille, topped by an F1-styled yoke steering wheel and the spacecraft-inspired bucket seats trimmed in silver diamond quilting and orange leather crafted from recycled material. According to Mercedes, the concept can drive forward in two different modes – Race and Lounge. The former has a better HUD view for clear vision while the latter reconfigures for a laid-back arrangement for driving comfort.

One-Eleven comes is propelled forward with a fully electric powertrain employing a single axial-flux motor. Yes, that’s the same technology used in Koenigsegg’s Quark electric motor. This motor is better than the radial-flux motor since they have way better tech for peak performance and efficiency without compromising the mechanical operation. Although Mercedes hasn’t revealed any tech specs of the concept, still loaded with this advanced electric motor, the ride should outperform most competitors. As an added perk, the compact size of the motor frees up space for storing luggage.