Top 5 Apple Vision Pro-inspired concepts that need to be brought to life ASAP

Apple has completely turned the tech industry topsy turvy with its announcement of the Vision Pro headset right at the end of its WWDC keynote. The revolutionary Mixed Reality Headset advocates “spatial computing” – an upgrade from the personal computing abilities of the laptop and smartphone. The MR headset has two Apple Silicon chipsets (including the new M2 chip), dozens of cameras and sensors, an iris recognition system that scans your eye for biometrics, directional audio units in the strap, two postage-stamp-sized 4K screens on the inside for immersive viewing, and a curved OLED display with a lenticular layer that lets other people see your eyes while you’re wearing the headset. And quite obviously such an innovation is bound to send ripples of inspiration across the tech world and designers! Designers and innovators have been tampering with ingenious Apple Vision Pro-inspired conceptual designs, and we’re presenting a few of our favorites to you. Have fun!

1. Apple Vision Joystick Pro Max

Alex Casabò designed the “Apple Vision Joystick Pro Max” – a conceptual design of the Apple Vision Pro Controllers. The controllers have been designed to perfectly complement the headset’s modern aesthetic, and are geared up to provide smooth functionality irrespective of what open-world title you throw at them. The joysticks will maximize the gaming experience for all kinds of modern games keeping in mind the VR environment. The controller features a top surface amped with a touch-sensitive surface for smart controls such as swaying the sword or reloading a potent sniper rifle.

2. Bandwerk’s Headband

German accessory provider Bandwerk designed handcrafted leather headbands for the $3,500 Apple headset slated for launch early next year. The sophisticated and premium headband will be available in five color options – Grey, Creme, Beige, Orange, and Brown, and it will subtly adapt to the silhouette of the final commercially available headset.

3. Ortolani’s AirPods Max Concept

Parker Ortolani designed this Apple Vision Pro-inspired AirPods Max concept. The innovative and redefined design features Vision Pro elements to provide improved comfort and functionality. It will offer new software functionality such as Adaptive Audio, and will be available in a variety of stunning new finishes to perfectly complement your other Apple devices.

4. Dark Knight Apple Vision Pro Case

Max Arnautov decided to create the ultimate Batman x Apple crossover! He designed an attachable case concept for the Apple Vision Pro that draws inspiration from the Dark Knight. Slip this case onto the Apple Vision Pro, wear your headset, and you’ll look like Dark Knight Jr! This will be a hard yes for the lovers of the Batmanverse.

5. Mode Indicator

Moe Slah created this conceptualized feature for the Apple Vision Pro to upgrade and elevate the user experience for not only the wearer but also the onlookers. Called the “Mode Indicator”, this app will quite interestingly beam visual indication of the wearer’s current activity. The user can also choose from in-app text or design custom animations to have a more personalized experience.