Mode Indicator for Apple Vision Pro beams visual cues of user’s current state of activity

Apple created a stir in the tech industry with the announcement of Vision Pro headset, and now the news coming in of visionOS software development kit endless possibilities for the VR headset will unearth. The SDK will lend third-party developers the ability to leverage the headset’s hardware for new exciting features.

In the announcement, Apple addressed the global developers community of developers to create an entirely “new class of spatial computing apps that take full advantage of the infinite canvas in Vision Pro and seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world to enable extraordinary new experiences.”

Designer: Moe Slah

Now that the visionOS SDK will have developers getting creative, the new app experiences will serve categories like productivity, design, gaming, and of course UI. Just in time for this announcement comes this conceptualized feature for Apple Vision Pro to elevate the user experience not only for the wearer but also for curious onlookers. Dubbed the “Mode Indicator” this app will beam visual indications of the wearer’s current activity.

For instance, if he/she is playing a mixed reality game, engrossed in a meeting, binge-watching an action series, or calming down with a meditation session. The user can also choose from in-app text or design custom animations to have a more personalized experience. Simple yet effective, the app will automatically detect the mode of activity and change the headset’s outer display content.

For starters, Moe envisions the app with a preset “Gaming Mode” for interactive and gaming experiences, “Entertainment Mode” for multimedia consumption activities, and “Meditation Mode” for times of calm and focused state of mind. Clearly, the Mode Indicator feature for Vision Pro enhances the understanding and engagement with those around the wearer for a harmonious and collaborative environment. This will be important if we foresee a future with VR headsets seamlessly integrating into daily lives.