Raw and real outdoor furniture collection showcases the beauty of aluminum

Being stuck at home during the pandemic really did teach us a few lessons. One, being, that you can actually do a lot at home, especially in your backyard! It definitely made us realize we shouldn’t underestimate our backyards, they can be locations of major fun, recreation, and relaxation…depending on how we do them up. You can turn your backyard into an ideal date spot for you and your partner, or host a barbecue party! And a couple of furniture designs that could completely elevate and upgrade your yard is the Aluminum Week-End outdoor furniture by Petite Friture.

Designer: Petite Friture

French design brand Petite Friture has added a refreshing and innovative touch to its Week-End collection of outdoor furniture. The collection includes tables and chairs with slatted aluminum surfaces, and they feature a silvery metallic finish, which provides the furniture pieces with a rather raw and stark aesthetic. The Week-End outdoor furniture collection was initially designed in 2017 by the Paris-based studio Brichet Ziegler. It featured a grained epoxy paint finish available in a variety of colors. The new finish was added to celebrate and bring focus to the furniture’s aluminum material in its bare and raw state.

“Week-End is a full range of garden furniture whose framed, oval seat-plates highlight the backrests and form an overall graphic signature,” said Petite Friture. The furniture in the collection has a playful and curved composition with a whimsical appeal to it, this allows the pieces to harmoniously merge with the varied outdoor environments. The intriguing shaped furniture pieces would add a dose of personality and amusement to your yard, giving it a playful element, and making it seem more inviting, appealing, and welcoming.

The Week-End furniture collection is lightweight and stackable, which makes the furniture extremely easy to move around, store, pack, and maneuver. It’s an adaptable and portable furniture collection that you can add or remove from your backyard whenever you like. The aluminum finish is exclusively available for contract buyers to buy. However, a set minimum amount of products need to be ordered to qualify for the purchase of the finish.