A Totally Different View

360° View is an outdoor camera system that captures the exotic thrills of extreme sports from amazing angles. The setup consists of three small waterproof video cameras with adapters, a display module and an external trigger. This means you get three different perspectives of the particular trick or maneuver. You can either place the cams stationary or mount it on the athlete via the adapter. What’s interesting is that if no help is around, the athlete can independently record the tricks via the external trigger.

In the mood of being vain? Hand over the 360 view module to your pals and let them get live streaming of your action. Best three tricks can be later uploaded to your YouTube account. Go ahead, and be a SHOW OFF!

Designer: Senka Agic


  • Stefan Sperling says:

    Amazing model shots! I think you took them with the assistance of somebody really professional! 😉

  • Klappstuhl says:

    Tripods! 😀

  • Jeremiah says:

    WOW Did the size ever decieve me. When I saw it in the hand model image, I was like: “Holy crap that’s smaller than I expected!” 😛 It seemes cool though. Too bad the camera coudln’t auto focus and follow you without someone behind it, that would be boss. But then again, that’s what friends are for 🙂

  • Migo says:

    I’m just curious – what sets this apart from existing camera systems that do the same thing, with the same wireless tech (external triggers)? There are some that also sync flash photography to the system and allow for multiple camera set-ups, multiple camera types, lens configurations and lighting situations.

    I bring this up not to trash the design, but to help give ideas as to how it can possibly push the envelope and make the designer think a bit more about it.

    Consider aspects such as a hand-mounted trigger (a snowboarder can’t trigger something in his pocker while he’s catching air), a camera system that allows for lenses to be interchanged (wide angle vs zoom vs low light vs infrared) and think of something else that can perhaps set it apart from other similar products. As a form-factor exercise, it is very intriguing, but otherwise it does not break beyond the existing realm of ideas/boundaries that have already been explored. 🙂

    That said, on the positive side, I like the geometry (shape and scale) as well as the branding design that makes it immediately identifiable as a product.


  • arsen says:

    yes…i was the photographer. 🙂

  • outdoor cam says:

    hii..that wwould be a very useful camera for keeping up security in my house…does it take automatic pictures??

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