LEGO released a DIY Infinity Gauntlet kit that definitely doesn’t wipe out humanity with a snap… we hope

With 590 pieces (including 6 faux Infinity Stones), this meticulously detailed LEGO Infinity Gauntlet definitely adds a Marvel-ous touch to your room (I had to make that joke. You know it).

While LEGO’s Infinity Gauntlet doesn’t give you any sufficient superpowers, it’s definitely one of the most interesting pieces of pop-culture decor you can have in your room. Made from golden LEGO bricks, the gauntlet’s solid (which means you can’t wear it) and is slightly smaller than you’d expect… but LEGO makes up for it by incorporating movable joints into the fingers, which means the gauntlet can technically ‘snap’ its fingers.

The LEGO® Marvel Infinity Gauntlet (76191) is available for pre-order on LEGO’s website for $69.99.

Designer: LEGO