Here’s What The Insides of Your LEGO Figure Would Look Like In Real Life

Call it morbid, call it fascinating, but the LEGO figure deserves an anatomical study. After all, the LEGO figure was important enough to get featured in Sony’s latest Spider-Man movie… Miguel O’Hara literally called the LEGO Spider-Man “the best they’ve got”. Anyway, I digress. If you’ve ever wondered what the insides of your anatomically somewhat-correct LEGO figure would be like, legotruman’s MOC (My Own Creation) quite literally lifts the veil.

Designed by LEGO master-builder by the name of legotruman and submitted to the LEGO Ideas forum, this ‘anatomical study of the LEGO man’ features all the innards, from a skeleton to a brain, organs, and even teeth! The entire figurine stands at nearly a foot tall (11.5 inches to be precise), with 650 parts that also include moving hands and legs, and from the looks of it, a moving head too!

Designer: legotruman

Dubbed LEGO Anatomy, this medical-college-style figurine teaches you everything you need to know about the LEGO man’s insides. Sure, you’ve got a skeleton, but notice how the hand has no fingers, but the foot has toe-stubs. The LEGO man’s mouth can open or close, and you can see teeth as well as a detail for a jaw. The eyes are large and black too, sitting behind yellow-shaded eyelids that make them look smaller in the LEGO man’s face.

Other details include the brain, heart (with a large left ventricle, and branching aorta), left lung (with two lobes), liver (and a tiny yellow gall bladder underneath it), and both a small and a large intestine. In true LEGO style, there are obviously a few key parts missing (I meant the ears, you dirty mind!) although in hindsight, we don’t have any hind in sight either… No literally, there’s no image of what this looks like from the back!

With 2,049 votes at the time of writing, the LEGO Anatomy is currently relying on the broader LEGO Ideas community to vote it into existence. The way the system works is simple – fans submit their designs to the forum, and any design or MOC that crosses the 10,000 vote mark before its deadline is reviewed by LEGO’s internal team, before it becomes a box-set. If you’re interested in being able to buy your own LEGO Anatomy, click here to vote for it!