Linear Flow of Dishwashing

The S-Lav Kitchen Sink is 4-step dishwashing process that saves you time and dishwater hands. The first step is the scrap bin for leftover food. The second step is for soaking and step three is for soaping and rinsing. Finally step five is a dish rack for drying. This linear workflow pretty much mimics how everyone washes dishes but the production-line setup makes things move smoother and faster.

Designer: Juan Francisco Solari Howard


  • tris.d says:

    i so love it!

  • Melchior says:

    It surely does the job of improving doing the dishes, but it takes up so much space! I live in an apartment with a small kitchen and there isn't any space for a dishwasher so it's done by hand. But the kitchen is too small to have something like that, it takes up all the space of the counter. Not to mention that a sink that big can't be cheap, it's probably cheaper to get a dishwasher.

  • Hans says:

    You should make it modular. Thus making it possible to use f.i. the plate storage space for other things when not in use as such.
    Sure then you're back to a 'normal' sink and and a draining board. But when you maintaine the curved shapes and wholeness of the design, you still got something fairly unique, I guess.

    Thumbs up!

  • jeffm says:

    this is how sinks used to be. how is this an improvement?

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