How to stay healthy while working with this automatic sit-stand desk

We are very dependent on our computers for both work and personal activities, but these computers were never designed with proper ergonomics from the very start. Keyboards and mice are the primary causes of hand and wrist injuries, while laptops force us to strain our necks. That’s not to mention how a sedentary lifestyle can also be the cause of many health issues ranging from obesity to diabetes. Buying ergonomic computer equipment and accessories is a luxury only a few can afford, especially those who can only use what their work provides. Working from home offers more flexibility, but desk space is sometimes even more constrained. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult or expensive to start practicing proper posture at work, thanks to this minimalist yet powerful laptop stand that lets you quickly switch between sitting and standing at the push of a button.

Designer: Creatio Design

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There is plenty of advice to stand while you work, but in reality, it’s impossible to keep that up for long periods of time. In the end, most of us will often switch between standing and sitting positions multiple times, which also means adjusting computers and tools for one or the other arrangement. That means wasted time and energy that could even discourage people from making the effort. That’s where the Maxtand E-Power sit-stand desk comes into play, offering smooth switching in just 6 seconds.

At its lowest point, the Maxtand E-Power, or MTEP, for short, raises your laptop to a comfortable level and frees you to use a more ergonomic keyboard and mouse while sitting down. With a push of a button, its innovative controlled seamlessly and quietly raises your laptop up to anywhere between 11.81 and 15.75 inches so you can work standing up at the height you’re most comfortable with. Distinct buttons for up, stop, and down make the Maxtand E-Power so easy to use that you spend less time fiddling with it and more time doing work.

More than just its automatic sit-stand capability, the MTEP offers the utmost flexibility so you decide how you want to work. The top panel measures 12.6×9.84 inches and can hold loads of up to 33lbs, more than enough to hold any laptop. It can even be made to lie flat, so you can use it as a keyboard stand while you have your monitor raised using a different stand or arm. You can also replace the panel with a VESA-compatible adapter plate to mount your screen and have the Maxtand E-Power lift it to a height that won’t strain your neck.

Best of all, the MTEP’s simple yet elegant appearance makes it blend well with any desk, and its minimalist design means it won’t take up much space either. And because of that small size, you can even bring it with you and set up an office anywhere, and you only need to plug it in if you want to adjust the height. At the same time, its high-quality aluminum material and sturdy construction give you the confidence to work the way you want with the tools that you have. This is especially important when working at home, where you have even more freedom to design your workspace in a more ergonomic fashion. So say goodbye to body pains and health problems with the Maxtand E-Power sit-stand desk, going for only $159 right now on Kickstarter.

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $219 ($40 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!