An AI Designed These Sapphire and Gold Thrones and They Look Fit For A Disney Live-Action Movie

No, this isn’t a still from an upcoming Disney movie or Narnia remake – these thrones were designed by a French digital creator by the name of Ambre, using a combination of Midjourney and Photoshop. The thrones look incredibly real, and have absolutely stunning, intricate details, using a combination of gold, sapphire, and ceramics to create a seat that’s out of this world.

Designer: Ambre and Suzan Valois (via Midjourney)

Ambre took inspiration from butterflies (the Monarch butterfly in particular) to visualize these gorgeous thrones. Each throne embraces a visually maximalist Art Noveau style, with a touch of Voronoi-inspired patterns around the butterfly’s wings. Each cell in the wing is fitted with a sapphire crystal, while the seat itself is made from gold.

It’s interesting to see how the AI works with concepts like stability, comfort, proportions, and material use. To be brutally honest, not all of those chairs look even remotely comfortable – but then, neither did the Iron Throne from GoT, considering it was forged from literal swords. With the Sapphire Butterfly Thrones, Ambre decided to explore some unique styles, like including a cushioned backrest in some, and keeping a golden butterfly body in others. Some chairs have armrests, while others don’t, and some have legs, while others have large beanbag-ish volumes resting against the floor. All the chairs embrace the idea of being stunningly royal and precious to the sight. The sapphire panels are either crystal-cut, or have cloudy details in them, looking like nebulas and galaxies in the sky. Now which king or queen doesn’t want that?!

The Sapphire Butterfly Thrones series is but one of many design series on Ambre’s Instagram. The artist experiments with unique, whimsical styles that make use of materials like gemstones, precious metals, and porcelain, creating objects that instantly transcend into the realm of haute art. You can check out Ambre’s Instagram by clicking here.