A Lounge Fit for Captain Kirk

I know I’m not the only one salivating over the forthcoming Star Trek movie, so to appease our mutual appetites for the franchise reset I present the Daybed from Manuelsaez. Designed for its client Humanscale, Manuelsaez attempted to prevent unhealthy postures born of coffee table and couch computing. Although Intended for light home office use, anyone with one of these in their den is definitely putting in extra hours on the ol’ intertubes.

Designer: Manuelsaez


  • Hmmm looks like a great idea, but they have to change the colors of that thing

    • Alee says:

      nice ,where can i buy it,and how much is it?

    • maya says:

      Marco Zordan built a double version of the Maya single chair as well with the
      stained wood material radiating a warm and cozy atmosphere in contrast to the
      cool elegance of the shape of the chair.
      When combined with the M ’Arco monitor and support, it offers exceptionally
      luxurious comfort to its user to watch a movie or play computer games or even for
      shared work for those who are inspired by such by all means out of the ordinary
      office atmosphere comfortable. Besides being comfortable it is also an extremely
      attractive luxury feature of any interior it is placed into

  • Julien says:

    That’s a great idea !

  • powers says:

    This looks pretty nice.

  • Anael says:

    Ergonomically thinking, its missing armrests. This tends to create health problems to users…

  • ephemeral says:

    very beauty…… but, What happened to your arms?

    and tendons?

  • Fraser Lu says:

    Perfect! I want one!

  • Eric says:

    Looks very comfortable!

  • czechyoself says:

    That girl looks hot.

  • einsenheim says:

    I wonder if its fix for a 17″ laptop or not .. haha

  • Steven says:

    I think I’d kill for one of those.

  • Alee says:

    nice !!where can buy it?and how much is it?

  • andreitaQC says:

    I think that it is an innovative, modern and functional design with the exception of which it is necessary to have armrests, according to the ergonomic factors, in order that the position of the arm is of a right angle.

  • James says:

    looks cool, but posture is no good.


    Onde encontro essa cadeira para comprar ” Daybed de manuelsaez. ” me informem por favor urgente.

  • Fettgesicht says:

    I would definitely utilize this! As a freelance graphic designer I sit at my desk all day, so this would make my lifestyle increasingly sedentary and relaxing.

  • loic says:

    How is it, and where can one find I want the purchase, give me the price

  • lester says:

    God i should be his web master i could sell a million of them but to bad all the other sites take me to this dead end so all i guess is he great at making pictures with nothing to sell other than being a good artist 🙁

  • Mitch says:

    Presentation-wise, it would look better with a Mac. The white on orange design is definitely more Apple than Dell. And no, I don’t hate PCs.

    I can’t see this being comfortable for any long term use, and the relaxed design doesn’t lend itself to any sort of work that requires focus. I can picture a really fat guy laying in it and hitting the stumble button for 4 hours.

    No built in audio output. No USB hub. No cable management system. This thing would quickly become a cluttered mess, even for your average laptop user. The mousepad is far from functional, as it is not wide enough to accomodate navigation, especially on larger screens. This also means that gamers, who would normally find a design like this appealing, would have be disappointed.

    @Fettgesicht I too am a freelance graphic designer. And I can tell you that this chair would greatly hinder your design ability. My own workspace includes my MacBook Pro, Wacom Large tablet, mouse, and external hardrive. Not to mention the array of books, mags, and notepads that I have for different resources and projects. So unless I want to put this chair right next to my desk, it’s going to be useless.

  • Ramesh says:

    Is this chair available in india to buy

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