This minimalist sofa is easy to repair, so you can pass it on as an heirloom

Once upon a time, furniture was seen as more than just functional objects inside a house but also as heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation. That’s not only because of their ornate designs or luxurious materials but also because of the craftsmanship and longevity of these products. Mass-produced furniture these days has nothing on their ancestors, though, especially since they seem to be made to be short-lived in order to encourage buying new ones every so often. Then again, those elaborate pieces of furniture aren’t completely sustainable either, especially when they become completely useless when a single part or section gets broken. These qualities, however, don’t need to be mutually exclusive, and this simple yet stylish sofa tries to prove that by presenting a design that’s not only elegant but also long-lasting, even when parts of it need to be replaced.

Designer: Anderssen & Voll for Takt

Conventional sofas seem to be designed to be wasteful. Even those flat-packed minimalist pieces reach their ends early the moment a leg, backrest, or even cushion becomes unusable. They may come in distinct parts, but those parts are not easily replaceable when, not if, they need to be repaired or replaced completely.

The Spoke Sofa tries to provide an answer to the problem with a design that’s thoughtful, beautiful, and sustainable down to the smallest details. The parts used, for example, are made from recycled or recyclable materials that don’t compromise the product’s durability, integrity, and comfort. Of course, the processes are sustainable as well, like how the wood is treated with environment-friendly substances like pure oil or water-based lacquer that also let the surfaces develop unique patinas over time.

More importantly, every part of the Spoke Sofa is not only built to last but also built to be easily replaced. Even upholstery can be removed easily for cleaning, encouraging owners to take better care of the sofa. Replacement parts and upholstery will also be sold, so you don’t have to go out of your way to make your own wooden pieces to replace broken ones.

This sustainable sofa is designed to last almost forever, and that applies to its timeless aesthetic as well. Its minimalist appearance and functional form ensure that it will remain relevant, no matter the trend or time. And even if design tastes change, the Spoke Sofa’s modern style will remain a beautiful example of this era’s culture, turning it into an heirloom that doesn’t lose its usability, no matter how many generations it passes through.