LG’s new styling hanger shows off your OOTD with the best angles and a perfectly curated frame

Don’t we all love posting our perfectly curated OOTDs? It is quite time-consuming right? All the BTS that goes into it of finding the perfect fit, clicking 206 pictures, having to choose the best one from the lot, editing it, and lately we even need to make it look aesthetic according to the standards of Instagram. LG and KDM have collaborated to make this process easier for you with an upgraded experience by coming up with a styling hanger that hangs your shortlisted clothes and also clicks the perfect IG story for you!

Designer: KOREA DESIGN MEMBERSHIP PLUS (Seongjong KangSangwoo Kimlee junsuHyerin Lee)

The styling hanger is a result of how Generation Z (digital natives) define the value of their lives. The GenZs are born into the digital age of social media. Bringing the world closer, social media also makes one conscious of how they are perceived in the world. Trends hold a greater value in their lives and validation is the source of Serotonin.

Earlier people were accustomed to looking at objects from a landscape (horizontal) perspective, may it be art, photos, paintings, etc. As they were more interested in showcasing a wider area and context. With the birth of the digital generation, it is more focused on themselves and their individuality, where context is a secondary aspect because of the heavy exposure to vertical smartphones that can instinctively capture a concise frame, the perspective of the GenZs of the world has evolved to be vertical and hence they relate to vertical proportions better. In this way, a lot of vertical content is consumed on a day to day in various forms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok today.

GenZs are constantly in search of an upgrade may it be a software update, a new trend, or a better UX. They always seek some kind of informal touch which they can play around with and therefore relate to. Hashtags, IG and Tik Tok challenges, making reels thoroughly engages the generation. In the process of sharing, a series of processes of encountering, acquiring, and imitating the thoughts of others eventually leads to the act of establishing the identity of GenZ.

LOOKandME is based on such a concept of the #OOTD. In which one is required to style themselves for the day and post it online. LOOKandME enhances the entire process of posting an OOTD for an individual through an upgraded interactive experience.

The styling hanger views the user in an ultra-wide-angle camera that can track people, ToF 3D scanners scan and analyze the user’s space for better perspective, and in addition, there is an LED light placed inside that illuminates the hanging clothes to make it look bright and pretty.

The product is designed with keeping accessibility and comfort in mind. The styling booth has a door which when opened, the hanger automatically descends lower so that the user can hang clothes on it effortlessly. There is an integrated motion sensor at the bottom which senses the movement of the user and opens it when they come closer making it easy for them to hang the clothes in their hand and the door closes automatically when the footsteps go further away.

The physicality of the structure defines minimalistic luxury. The body is made of metal with a hairline texture to give it a solid look. The lower part of the frame is designed to be thick to provide stability even while moving around since it has wheels and can be moved around easily at your convenience. The use of modern fabric in front of the speaker completes this luxurious design.

The appliance is the perfect place to hang clothes but it is not restricted to that, one can enjoy a variety of content on a multiscreen through the long vertical display. You can watch Netflix, scroll through reels, checkout YouTube shorts, and many more. Just as laptop screens can be projected on larger screens of the TV, phone screens can be projected on this larger product.

One can shop online with LOOKandME in addition to having access to all of the social media sites through this multipurpose style hanger. It offers a virtual dressing service that makes use of AR technology to let consumers virtually try on clothing based on their previously registered body size while buying clothing online.

In the field of customized household appliances, the LOOKandME system marks a substantial leap. LG has produced a comprehensive solution that improves usability and convenience by utilizing artificial intelligence, intuitive design, and seamless integration. The smart home technology LOOKandME sets a new bar with its capacity to learn, adapt, and offer tailored recommendations. As the era of connected devices advances, LG continues to push the envelope of innovation and transform how we interact with our homes. It is a perfect buddy for the GenZ to help them purchase and curate an outfit followed by capturing it according to the latest trends helping you keep up with the social world.