Starfield-themed Xbox controller, headphones and smartwatch are must-have for action RPG lovers

At the annual Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Microsoft laid a major emphasis on its upcoming sci-fi RPG dubbed Starfield, along with the announcement of other major titles coming to the platform. But the highlighting bit for us was the announcement of Starfield Xbox controller and Starfield headphones.

At the event publisher Bethesda also unveiled the real-life version of Starfield’s Constellation Edition watch that’s modeled exactly after the one seen in the game. During the keynote, Bethesda made it clear that the timepiece is modeled after the design from the Apollo era and gets a special case to match the vibe.

Designer: Microsoft and Bethesda

Bethesda’s highly anticipated game is all set for a September 6th launch – thereby, the announcement of these accompanying accessories makes complete sense. First up we talk about the Starfield Limited Edition controller and headset that both complement each other.

The controller emulates the ship’s controls shown in the game with transparent pad triggers having bronze rumble motors and those metallic bronze hybrid directional pads add steampunk flair. Bethesda describes the retro design as a “NASA-Punk” in the DNA and I second that completely. On top of the clean design are the side and back grips mirroring the panels of the spaceship. The gamepad is easily switchable between devices like Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows PC, Android, and iOS.

Similar accents can be seen on the headset which gamers will absolutely love to wear all day long – whether gaming or listening to favorite music. It has a similar matching transparent and metallic bronze mic boom, elevating its look into the premium zone. The 312 grams wireless headphones come with, 40mm drivers, 15 hours battery and support for spatial audio technologies for greater immersion. The gamepad and the headphones can be pre-ordered right away for an ERP of $79 and $125 respectively.

Coming onto Starfield’s Constellation Edition timepiece that the main character wears, Bethesda has perfectly emulated it in real life with seamless phone connectivity. The watch comes with a collector’s case and steelbook copy of the game. While the watch in real life is more of a smartwatch beaming notifications and call prompts, in-game the watch behaves as a compass to show environmental information for planets.

This watch will only be available as part of the Constellation Edition priced at $300. The bundle gives 5-day early access to the Starfield game along with other goodies including Constellation Skin Pack, Constellation Patch and access to the digital artbook.