This wireframe-based furniture series adds volume to your interior decor without the weight

Anyone familiar with 3D modeling will know what a wireframe is. The wireframe forms the basic outer mesh of any 3D object, representing it only through a grid rather than opaque surfaces. A wireframe shows depth without any extra information like reflectivity, surface quality, etc. In 3D modeling, the wireframe is the lightest, most basic representation of a 3D model… and designers Wei Jingye and Wu Wenhao decided to carry that logic onto actual 3D furniture. Dubbed the Lines Series, this furniture uses a combination of wooden sheets and poles, along with complex wrought-iron wireframes that give the furniture its distinct shape without any of the mass or material use. The Lines Series is both structurally and visually lightweight while being sturdy enough to take on the weight of regular human use.

Designers: Wei Jingye and Wu Wenhao

The Lines Series comprises a work table, a chair, and a floor lamp that also functions as a book holder. Each element is designed to be used individually as well as cohesively as a part of a decor unit. Together, they add an interesting visual element to your interior, creating a unique kind of aesthetic that’s wooden and traditional, but wiry and modern. It almost looks like the world’s GPU forgot to render certain parts of the furniture!

“The material is mainly made of metal wire, which is used in combination with wood. It is environmentally friendly and suitable for bending processing. The process of material production is relatively simple. It is composed of blanking, bending, heating, stretching, springback, welding, polishing, etc.” say designers Wei Jingye and Wu Wenhao. “The processing mode is relatively simple, with no special technical requirements, and high degree of freedom of modeling,” they add.

The Line Series Furniture is a Silver Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.