This Avocado-shaped Grater is Every Millennial’s Dream Kitchen Tool

If there’s one thing that boomers think millennials absolutely love, it’s avocados. Avocados are the reason we don’t own houses, cars, or healthcare, according to almost every out-of-touch boomer I’ve ever met, which is why this avocado-inspired kitchen grater seems like such a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek kitchen must-have!

The Avo Multi-function Veggie Cutter is a nifty kitchen tool that lets you easily, efficiently, and ergonomically cut, slice, shred, and grate your veggies and fruits. The grater’s body is shaped like an avocado, with an area to collect all the sliced/grated food. Meanwhile, the avocado seed is like your grip for using the grater/mandolin, giving you a safe way to slice or grate your food without scraping your knuckles. You’ve also got multiple blade styles to choose from, for grating, slicing, micrograting, julienning, etc.

Designers: Comma Shaw, KK Lin, Zane True, Junjie Chou, David Lee, Juno Lee, Jesse WU

Although the avocado shape is a nifty design feature, it has a few standout benefits. The Avo’s bulbous base proves to be perfect for collecting all the sliced, grated materials. A built-in handle lets you grip the cutter while using it with the other hand, so it doesn’t move around… and when you’re done, you can wash and drain the cut veggies thanks to a sieve built into the side that lets you tip over to drain the water out.

Detachable blade cartridges let you choose exactly what kind of cutting/grating you need to do. You can slice veggies finely, julienne them into strips, grate them into fine strands, grind them into a fine paste or powder for hard aromatics, zest them, or even make wavy cuts to make waffle-style chips.

The avocado-seed safety holder comes with a pop-out plunger that grips the food from the opposite side and moves lower and lower as the food is grated. Rails on the side of the holder help you achieve a perfect linear motion too, so you never move in a slanted direction by accident. This ensures consistency and keeps your output looking perfect.

The Avo balances clever design with functionality really well. Its avocado-inspired shape is simply delightful to look at, while all the design details work together in synchronicity to give you a product with a delightful user experience too!