Scale for Infants

This is a portable air cushioned infant scale where you can completely release the air of the cushion and roll it into the size of an umbrella for convenient storage and carriage. Just push the power button and the air will be pumped in automatically. The soft and elastic air cushioned platform is comfortable and safe for infants to lie on. After usage, simply push one button and the air in the cushion will be released automatically. The product recognizes the difference in air pressure to detect the weight. The pressure sensor transforms the change in pressure into a voltage signal and through an algorithmic program that determines the weight.

Designer: Duck Image Studio


  • Region2 says:

    Here at “Your Baby is Fat” we believe in giving them weight issues before they develop cognition.

  • Linda says:

    Where can I buy one of these? I know a midwife who would love one.

  • alejandro says:

    como es la tecnologia en que principio se basa

  • They might be a good fashion declaration at home however,
    not in Spain. You also have to be at ease in your dress, able to glide down the aisle in it & look comfortable all day
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