Meet the sustainable Lamborghini of the future – The Lamborghini E_X electric automotive concept!

An electric Lamborghini – what would it actually be like? If we believe transportation designer Andrea Ortile, it’ll balance a clean shape and complexity of details where required. The concept is dubbed Lamborghini E_X, inspired by the design DNA of the 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero and the 1973 Lamborghini Countach LP 400. The sports car will be a fully electric vehicle with the battery pack right in the middle of the chassis under the interior cabin, and to keep the overall weight down a carbon fiber frame is used.

On the inside, this electric Lamborghini gets the single-seater configuration – just like the ones on the fighter jet planes or racing prototypes. The steering on this concept gets a futuristic vibe with its dynamic shape, and the HUD is integrated right behind it. The paddle shifters look so inviting – I virtually want to try them out. To charge up the powerful ride, all one has to do is plug in the charging hose into the retracting portal located at this Lamborghini concept’s front left-hand side – just behind the front wheel. Like some other concepts or even prototype vehicles having an all-glass windshield that runs to the rear, this one has a body-colored perforated film. How that’s going to affect the visibility is anybody’s guess.

To lend the Lamborghini a futuristic DNA, this sports car gets an array of LED projectors that run all the way along the upper grill section. The designer has not tinkered much with the look for the rear, giving it a balanced mix of the Aventador, Centenario, and even the Huracan. So, could the future electric Lamborghini look like this one? You can bet your bottom dollar on that assumption since the concept is highly practical. Lamborghini needs to give this one consideration!

Designer: Andrea Ortile