SnapFIT visions to refresh your mobile work experience with a 4-in-1 modular laptop accessory

In the era of remote work and on-the-go productivity, the need for a functional and compact system that allows nomadic workforce to operate from anywhere has become paramount.

Recognizing this requirement, SnapFIT emerges as a game-changing modular laptop accessory. This device is designed to replace low-quality, incompatible accessories that hinder portability and result in a tangle of messy cables.

Designer: Riccardo Bosisio

At its core, SnapFIT aims to provide users with a seamless experience by offering a range of interchangeable modules in one unit. Comprising four essential modules – a powerbank, a hotspot, an adapter, and a speaker – the modular device leverages the power of magnets to interconnect and enable effortless workflow and simplified transport.

A camera lens style SnapFIT allows users to have the flexibility to select the modules that are most relevant to their work functions, ensuring they carry only what they truly need on the way out. This expandable approach empowers users to customize their setup based on their individual requirements and travel light with what they want, without spending individually on standalone devices for connectivity, music or power backup.

The modular SnapFIT has a sleek minimalistic black aesthetic, crafted from soft-touch ABS plastic. It has a compact form factor, which is a result of meticulous attention to design ensuring that users not only have functional accessories but also aesthetically pleasing ones.

With SnapFIT, Riccardo Bosisio is rekindling the concept of the office and work environment by letting users break free from the constraints of traditional workspaces, empowering them to work wherever they choose and in any circumstances of their liking, with the devices of their choice. This means that SnapFIT goes beyond merely being a product; it presents an entire ecosystem capable of continuous development and growth.