This ultra-thin gaming controller boasts magnetically attachable button layer

The dynamics of gaming have changed in the last few years with smartphones stepping in for more than a makeshift handheld device. That compelling reason to load your mobile device with games is ever so logical with powerful processors ensuring you get to play the high-end, graphically demanding titles that have console-quality visuals.

Dedicated gaming phones elevate the level of immersion a notch higher, and combined with mobile gaming controllers the level of tactical advantage is a given. Best options currently include SteelSeries Stratus+, Backbone One, Razer Kishi V2, or 8Bitdo Pro 2.

Designer: Aryan Vijay

What if there’s a gaming controller for smartphones that’s better in every aspect looking from the perspective of casual, as well as more serious mobile gamers? An accessory that’s featherweight and doesn’t take much space yet brings loads of features to the fore. This is the PhoCo pocketable controller designed keeping in mind the long hours we tend to spend on our smartphones in very uncomfortable postures leading to chronic neck, head and back pain. Certainly not the preferable way to use your device.

The existing mobile gaming controllers on the market address some or all issues like portability, ergonomics and ideal posture; but cannot do all at the same time. PhoCo does it all with a very thin footprint – thanks to the physical triggers and joysticks for the best of traditional controllers and modern touch controls. The foldable support protects the screen and controls from damage while carrying, bringing portability to the equation. Aryan has added a stand on the back to keep things stable if the accessory is put on a desk or table.

A separable magnetic layer with the physical buttons can be superimposed on the display layer housing the joysticks and the triggers, giving the gamer flexibility of use which is very important. The screen with qwerty keyboard Users who like to keep a wide array of gaming titles on their capable smartphone will find this feature very useful.