DeLorean DMC-12 rises like a phoenix, as the Gull-Winged DeLorean 2021!

The iconic DeLorean DMC-12 will rise like a phoenix come Fall 2021 after a lull of nearly four decades. The only thing that’s skeptical – we don’t know what it is going to look like. Will it have the nostalgic old school design that so many of us love, or is it going to surprise us with a modern look fused with the classic aesthetics? The star of the Back to the Future series is going to shine again, without a doubt. To fuel our imagination and prep us all for the 2021 DeLorean DMC-12, designer Ángel Guerra has awe-inspired automotive design with his version of the DeLorean 2021. He summed up the motivation for this concept in his words – “This is a thank you to an icon and a movie that marked my childhood. This is, too, a new DeLorean for my son’s generation.”

As his tribute to the iconic design, Ángel has mustered up this super dope DeLorean for the 40th anniversary of the brand that captured the imagination of an entire generation. The gull-winged car has a lot of character – making it look nothing shy of a supercar of the current generation. Nothing is overdone and every little edge or curve seems well-thought-out. Perhaps, it comes from his culmination of childhood dreams and the subconscious desire to own a DeLorean one day. In fact, his automotive design journey was triggered by the dream-like cars of the 80s and the designs of the following decades.

His DeLorean 2021 concept looks like an amalgam of Lamborghini from the rear and front with hints of Aston Martin Vanquish in certain elements. Then there are these unique trim borders on the sides, over the Albero color of the cobblestone and the deep blue of the Guadalquivir river, smoothly flowing to the front, and the big rear diffusers. The gull-winged doors are absolutely dope – igniting the desire to jump right inside this badass racer boasting all-black interiors. Boy! If this is what the upcoming DeLorean can manage to look like – it will inspire generations to come. Not to mention the countless automotive fans who’ll want to park this baby in their see-through garage. The only question that’s pondering in my mind – can it take actual flight?

Designer: Ángel Guerra