How a standing desk uses technology to recommend when to take a break from work

I spend a substantial amount of my day on my desk, typing away to glory. Most of the time I also end up eating my meals on it! And binge-watching on some Netflix as well. And I’m sure that’s the case with most of us, since work from home became the new norm, and our home offices became our new hang-out spots. But having a great desk is really important! Simply a ‘good’ desk won’t do either. A great desk helps us work comfortably and effectively. It puts us in the right mindset, helping us achieve our daily productivity goals and checkmark all the tasks on our to-do list! Not only should our desks be clean, but they should also sport an ergonomic and functional design! And good looks are an added bonus. And finding a desk that does all of the above can be a Herculean task. But worry not, we’ve found the perfect desk for you – the Charcoal Desk.

Designer: Charcoal

American electronics brand Charcoal launched an innovative standing desk called, well, the Charcoal desk. The standing desk features a built-in light that recommends to users when to take breaks to “maintain their 9 am energy throughout the day”. The Charcoal desk features a sleek design that is meant to improve and enhance the user’s well-being and provide an effect similar to that offered by regular exercise or a healthy diet.

“[The desk] calibrates breaks for crucial moments in the day when the brain is wired to refuel and clear metabolic waste. Breaks taken during these healing windows essentially ‘reset the brain’, enabling users to maintain their 9 am energy throughout the day,” said Charcoal. The desk has been equipped with a small light in one corner, which lights up and informs the user when it is time to take a break.

“The emphasis was on creating a better desk, not a smart desk. To maintain an honest evolution, we balanced the design between creating a sense of comfort and reflecting the state-of-the-art technology,” said Charcoal’s chief design officer Drishti Desai. The Charcoal desk has a clean and minimal form and is available in two sizes. It features a slimline tabletop supported by two upright columns equipped with telescopic mechanisms – to enable the user to adjust the desk’s height to a standing or seating position.