Sink into Sitskie!


At first glance, Los Angeles-based design studio Sitskie’s “Block” collection of furniture looks hard like most wood furniture, but take a seat and you’ll experience its cushioned block system, designed to give you a soft comfortable experience while keeping all the benefits of a solid surface – durability, cleanliness and the beauty of the solid material. Individual wood blocks on top of a cushioned surface compress, offering an ergonomic quality similar to upholstery. The beauty behind the collection is that, unlike upholstery, solid wood is timeless, durable, and easy to clean. Adam Friedman, the designer and craftsman behind Sitskie, fine tuned his design for years and was awarded a patent for his innovative surface system. The finished product intertwines contemporary innovation with sophisticated craft, and is sure to be an heirloom that family members will fight over down the line!

Designer: Sitskie