A wireless charger & desk fan that takes inspiration from renewable fuel

Wind farms are popping up so regularly that they are rapidly becoming a common sight within our landscapes… this little device goes one-step further and introduces them into our homes, on a far smaller, more manageable level!

Inspired by the offshore wind farm located just off the coast of Jeju Island in South Korea, this intriguing device provides power to your mobile device through wireless charging. Okay… so the turbine doesn’t actually generate the power, but I think we can let that one slide considering how beautiful the aesthetics of the device is. The gentle surface detailing has been taken directly from the calm waves that gently break against the shores of the volcanic island. Just to elevate the alluring styles even further, it has been displayed in four color tones that beautifully reflect the conditions that surround Jeju Island.

Designer: Do Hyeung Kim

“Jeju Island is a special autonomous province located in the southernmost part of Korea. 90% of the island is made up of basalt. Compared to land, the oceanic climate is characterized by high temperature, high rainfall and high winds. As a result, there is a large wind farm in Jeju Island,” Kim told Yanko Design.