HOTO Flashlight DUO boasts multiple modes + usability scenarios for camping situations

There are a handful of essentials in your camping gear that are given for any adventure trip – be it short or long. A flashlight is one of them that has multiple utilities to keep camping/hiking escapades safe.

The versatility of a flashlight is important for a camper when compared to normal use. That’s why the HOTO Flashlight DUO edges a step above other portable camping flashlights on the market.

Designer: Yuxin Zhang

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The versatile flashlight is designed for the convenience of use in camping scenarios. For this, Yuxin has incorporated a variety of modes and inclusions to expand its usability. There’s a retractable magnetic hook, strap and a magnetic base to make sure you are covered for any kind of usability. This gives the user freedom to go hands-free and focus on the task at hand. You can either stick it to a hanging space or magnetically hook on to any metal object.

Adding to the above-mentioned utility is the addition of illumination modes for specific camping needs. There’s a secondary light covered in milky white to the side to make varied lighting modes possible. Twisting the Mode Switching Head toggles between the Mood Light, Functional Light and Flashlight Mode. The simple interface honed by a knob and button make possible 13 different light combinations.

The front flashlight boasts 1000 lumens brightness and a beaming distance of 210 meters. The 3,200mAh rechargeable battery can be used for 5 hours of continuous activity at full brightness. Use it in the other modes like SOS or flashing and it can last up to 65 hours of operational time.

Apart from the practical ergonomic design, the flashlight comes in cool flashy colors to appeal to any kind of outdoorsy enthusiast. For its price tag the HOTO Flashlight DUO is a bit on the pricey side, but the usability justifies it.

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