This phone case transforms into a lightweight VR headset in the blink of an eye

In a landscape where VR headsets are graduating to be a more practical accessory for end-users, the Porket VR headset phone case is the direction tech companies need to evolve to embark on.

Google had to part ways with its ambitious Cardboard VR project and the evolutionary Daydream VR too due to declining interest among consumers and developers alike. This was partly attributed to the ease of use when adapting virtual reality accessories for content consumption, and most don’t find VR products on the market to be very practical. Take, for example, hardcore VR headsets by Oculus or the recently announced PlayStation VR 2. They are bulky to wear, can cause eye fatigue, and not many are keen on making them a part of their daily routine for the long term.

Designer: Gihawoo Design

The cassette-shaped Porket VR phone case by design house Gihawoo Design wants to break the general notion about virtual reality headsets. Rather than being a separate accessory, the phone case acts as your VR headset for consuming quick videos on the go. The product is designed keeping the future technologies in mind, which will be dominated by the next trending avenue – the Metaverse. The foldable VR headset is an extension of the case, and in the blink of an eye, it transforms into a VR headset to watch quick virtual reality content.

Porket VR is in some ways similar to the Google Cardboard headset but adds the ease-of-use element to the equation, and of course, it is more compact and lightweight. In a way, the accessory becomes a part of the daily smartphone usage scenarios – and when it’s time to immerse yourself into the virtual world, things are as simple as wearing a pair of ski goggles. The gadget makes logical sense for the future when all the phones will become compliant for beaming VR and AR content. In fact, we could be looking at the possibility of the phone’s back panels designed in a way to unfold into a VR goggle.

According to the designers of this cool phone accessory, there are convex lenses placed optimally at a distance of 6 cms from the eyes in the VR headset configuration. No thicker than the Galaxy Fold 3 in the completely folded position, the Porket VR headset case makes complete sense to lure in consumers who like their things to be compact and capable of multi-use scenarios.