This battery-powered ice maker lets you beat the summer heat anytime, anywhere

Summer is always upon us, which means both fun times outdoors as well as uncomfortable moments under the sun. While different people will have different responses to higher temperatures, few will argue that an ice-cold drink is perfect for this season. Easier said than done, though, especially when you’re out on the beach or even just in your backyard. There are, of course, ways to keep drinks cold out of the fridge, but coolers can only last so long. Ice makers, on the other hand, often come as large boxes you still have to plug in anyway, making their use in beaches nearly impossible. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on that cool, refreshing drink under the summer sun, thanks to this innovative portable device that lets you have your ice anywhere in just five minutes.

Designer: FLEXTAIL

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Making ice for drinks in a snap is probably a dream for anyone who has spent hours under the sun, no matter the season or the reason. Portable ice makers do exist, but their slow speeds and power cords often outweigh any relief you’d get from enjoying a cool drink. Those are the exact problems that the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER ice maker solves using a genius mix of innovative technology and well-thought-out design that delivers the world’s first ice maker with a built-in battery.

Right off the bat, you can immediately see that the EVO ICER is meant to be carried anywhere. Weighing only 20.9 lbs and smaller than most portable ice coolers, the ice maker can be easily lifted and positioned where you can easily make and grab as much ice as you need. The 200Wh battery inside means you don’t have to worry about power sockets, and the EVO ICER can run for as long as three hours on a full charge.

When it does run low, though, you can charge it via a standard charging port or, better yet, through USB-C. With USB Type C charging, you simply need to plug the EVO ICER into a car charger or portable power station to continue enjoying the ultimate convenience of refreshing, cold drinks outdoors.

Despite its size, the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER packs a wallop of features, starting with its key strength, making ice in a flash. The first batch of 12 ice cubes needs only 9 minutes to freeze, and subsequent batches take only 5 minutes each. Compared to other ice makers that require a waiting time of around 15 minutes for the first 9 cubes and around 9 minutes for subsequent batches, the EVO ICER gives you more ice at faster speeds, almost 1.5 times better than any ice maker in the market.

An innovative IceBurstX Rapid Refrigeration Technique allows the EVO ICER to use a smaller motor and compressor while still ensuring maximum ice production efficiency with minimal power consumption, while advanced cooling systems keep it running cool and quiet even under 107°F temperatures.

This wonder ice maker isn’t just fast and efficient, it’s also convenient and safe. EVO ICER has three modes, depending on the speed you need and the amount of battery you have. Quick Mode works the fastest and keeps making ice until the storage basket is full, while Eco Mode consumes less power but is also slower. Cup Mode lets you choose how many cups of ice to make and stops when that quota is reached.

The water container and ice storage basket are made from food-grade polycarbonate material, and the machine uses the natural and non-toxic R290 refrigerant to protect both humans and the environment. The EVO ICER is equipped with a variety of sensors that will warn you to refill the water storage or charge the machine before the crisis even happens. And at the end of the day, a single click is all that’s needed to clean and drain the ice maker.

Fast, convenient, quiet, and safe, this portable, battery-powered ice maker lets you enjoy the cool drink that you deserve in summer or any other season. For only $359, the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER will let you stop worrying about the drinks and focus on what matters the most: enjoying the party.

Click Here to Buy Now: $359 $549 ($190 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $330,000.