This compact, flat-packed table lamp can fit inside a single envelope

The Flora Mushroom Yard Light is slim enough to fit entirely into an envelope that can slide underneath your door – barring the lightbulb, of course.

Designed using flat pieces of plastic that fit into one another to attain a 3-dimensional form, the Flora Mushroom Yard Light was designed to add a bit of pop to your front or backyard. Running on solar power, the light comes with its own solar panel, which charges the battery-powered LED bulb inside the light. A remote control lets you activate or deactivate the lamp, while the entire lighting fixture is designed to be waterproof, allowing it to bare the elements in the outdoors.

Designer: Haile Wu

The lamp’s oddly appealing design features a bulbous base upon which rests the folded plastic sheet lampshade, looking like a toadstool out in your garden. The lamp comprises multiple thick streets of plastic, laser cut into their respective shapes. The shapes plug into two disc-shaped modules, creating the lamp’s base, while the upper lampshade is a single piece of polypropylene plastic too, with crease-lines already punched in, so you can simply fold the shade into its form and lock it by tucking the tabs into their slots.

The lamp draws power directly via solar energy, requiring no other form of energy input. Solar panels placed out on the yard take energy during the day, and the lamp switches on at night, running on a battery unit built within the bulb. The only real concern with the Flora Mushroom Yard Light is the fact that there’s a significant danger of it getting knocked over by wind. However, if you can find a way to fix it into the ground, you’re absolutely good to go!

The Flora Mushroom is a Bronze Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2023.