Ultra-Lightweight Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition gaming mouse impresses with a see-through exoskeleton shell

Razer kick-started 2023 with a slew of announcements at CES 2023 that got us excited. Yet, again they are amping up the buzz with a gaming mouse as a follow-up to the Viper V2 Pro wireless mouse which is the lightest mouse ever by the gaming brand.

Now a skeletonized gaming mouse beats it fair and square for pure looks and functionality. The innards of the mouse are clearly visible and they are also made out of premium material, keeping inline with the USP.

Designer: Razer

Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition wireless mouse made out of magnesium alloy using injection molding technology, claims to be the lightest performance gaming mouse weighting in at just 49 grams. The industry-leading features of the peripheral come at a steep price of $279.99 which will keep gamers on a budget longing for more.

The excellent strength-to-weight ratio courtesy of the unique honeycomb design, makes sure this gaming accessory doesn’t crumble or crack during intense in-game action. The fact is reassured by Razer who claim that each one of the limited-edition mouse is perfect when it comes out of the factory. Viper Mini Signature Edition employs the company’s Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor (max DPI of 30,000), HyperSpeed Wireless tech, and the Gen-3 mouse switches for satisfactory performance even for digital content editors.

Gamers will like the 70 G acceleration, 99.8% resolution accuracy, and 750 inches per second IPS for in-game advantage while in the middle of video game chaos. It comes with a HyperPolling Wireless dongle tweaked at 4000Hz polling rates and 2C charge rating for juicing up the wireless peripheral in just 90 minutes. One single charge is good enough for 60 hours of work promising an enhanced user experience sans any wire clutter.

Given the mouse is on the premium end of the spectrum, Razer provides an extra set of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 mouse feet for use on a soft mat. There are a couple of sets of adhesive mouse grips, an alternate set of PTFE feet and two alcohol prep pads whenever you need to make the swap for those adhesive feet and grips. To top it all Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition gets a 3-year warranty to cover all the shenanigans while gameplay or carefree usage.