When Furniture and Lighting Meets


At first glance, this chair doesn’t look too dissimilar from any other conventional chair, however, it won’t take you long to identify a few, not to regular, design features that begin to reveal its hidden secrets!

This is Tube Chair, and, as the name would suggest, its primary design language and quirky design is driven by the hollow, cylindrical form! The use of such a shape has allowed for a few, more unique, features to be integrated into the item of furniture; most noticeably of all is the introduction of light; flowing through the rounded curves and parallel lines is a band of bright light that continues out of the chair and travels down the power cable. This stream of lighting is only to be interrupted by a neatly concealed USB port, for convenient charging!

The striking illumination twinned with the translucent, tubular form creates an eye catching item of furniture that we’d rather stare at that sit on!

Designer: Tim Chen