Ooni’s electric pizza oven lets you get the perfect New York slice right in your own kitchen

The electric version of Ooni’s wildly successful series of pizza ovens lets you make incredibly authentic New York and Neapolitan-style pizza pies without needing to build a massive brick oven. The Volt 12 is a compact, kitchen-and-outdoor-friendly oven that reaches ripping temperatures of up to 850°F (450°C), allowing you to bake the perfect pizza in under 90 seconds, just like your favorite pizzeria.

Unlike Ooni’s other pizza ovens, the Volt doesn’t need firewood or gas to heat up. This upgrade to electrical heating significantly reduces the pizza oven’s overall footprint, allowing it to be as compact as the Volt 12 is. About as wide and deep as your regular oven (but half as tall, given how pizzas are usually flat), the Volt 12 sits anywhere inside or outside your house. Coils on the top and bottom of the oven let it heat up to the high temperatures required to rapidly cook pizza dough, giving them a great crust on the outside but keeping them soft and pillowy on the inside, and a 13-inch cordierite baking stone gives your pizza its signature browned base – a feature that any chef will tell you is the difference between a decent and a legendary pizza. And no, we’re not getting into the whole pineapple-on-pizza debate here.

Designer: Ooni

The Volt 12 captivates you with its slick design that fits an entire pizzeria into its tiny, 10-inch-tall frame. The Volt 12 comes with an incredibly sleek powder-coated outer surface, and a triple-paned borosilicate glass door that retains heat within the oven, but gives you a clear picture of what’s inside so you don’t ever accidentally burn your crust. A 13-inch stone on the inside is the perfect size for a nice 12-inch pizza, which you can cook in a variety of styles, thanks to the Volt 12’s intuitive set of controls.

The Volt 12 comes with three knobs, one for timing, another for temperature, and a third to toggle the power between the lower and upper coils. Combined, the three controls give you the ability to make more than just your conventional pizza. The Volt 12 lets you cook other styles too, including thin-crusts, deep-dishes, Detroit-style pizzas, garlic breads, and the occasional focaccia. Heck, you can use the pizza oven to grill veggies, roast steaks, and even make desserts. The Volt 12 heats up to its highest temperatures in under 20 minutes, making it faster than conventional pizza ovens that take time to get to temp, and after 45 minutes of inactivity, the Volt 12 will automatically switch off to help save electricity.

The all-electric Volt 12 may just be Ooni’s first clean-energy pizza oven. Given that it can plug into a power outlet, the Volt is suddenly a perfect pick for the indoors, offering a major deviation from other gas and wood-powered ovens that can only be used outdoors or in large, ventilated spaces. The Ooni Volt fits any standard kitchen countertop, and given its compact size, can even be carried around, letting you set up your portable pizzeria anywhere you go… because it’s always pizza-o’clock somewhere!