Silky is the ultimate versatile + modular sofa with an integrated coffee table

We often underestimate the importance of a great sofa in our living rooms. When in reality, we shouldn’t. The right sofa not only serves as a comfy and ergonomic seating option but also adds a certain depth of character and personality to the living room. An excellent sofa functions as the perfect spot to lounge about, have a snack, and or chill on while interacting with your family and friends. And the Silky sofa seems like the ideal sofa for me – especially considering the fact that it makes sure you never have to look for your phone or TV  remote underneath the back of your sofa ever again!

Designer: Teixeira Design Studio

The Silky sofa is designed to be the ultimate modern modular sofa. It is sleek and functional and aspires to bring both of these qualities to your living room. Looking like a bunch of Jenga blocks meshed together, the Silky sofa features a curved plywood base that functions as the core element of the sofa, and also as an integrated coffee table. The sofa comprises of multiple cushions that can be moved around, added, or removed. The cushions can be configured in diverse arrangements on the plywood base to create singular or multiple seats.

The integrated coffee table can also be expanded or customized by either adding or removing the cushions. By removing the cushions for convenience, you can create more space to hold books, your cup of coffee, or even your TV remote and phone – so you never end up losing either. This allows the sofa to act as a versatile surface that stores your prized possessions, while also letting you rest your butt on it.

I love how customizable and modular the Silky sofa is, hence making it an extremely versatile furniture design that can cater to the needs of different users and homes. You can arrange or rearrange the cushions, to create a sofa and an integrated coffee table that perfectly meet your requirements. The aesthetics of the Silky sofa are perfectly minimal, so it can smoothly and seamlessly blend in with the interiors of most kinds of homes.