How metallic hues can add sparkle to your home décor

Decorating with metallic accents is trending in the décor space and can add a dash of glamor and panache. From furniture to accessories and wall paint, metallic hues work as a decorative accent making their way into the interior design space. Metallic tones add a shimmering look and can be found in any finish or medium, like artwork, upholstery, and wallpaper. Its reflective surface bounces light back into the room and makes it look brighter and more spacious than it is. However, the art of using metallic tones is to strike the right balance within a space so that your interior doesn’t appear gaudy. Here is how you can infuse glam, sophistication, or visual intrigue into the décor with metallic accents.

Types of Metallic Hues

There are a variety of metal hues to consider, and they can be classified into warm and cool metallic tones. From high to low luster, the different types of metal finishes include polished finish followed by a satin finish, antique finish, and finally, matte finish. The warm metallic includes shades of brass, bronze, gold, and rose gold that are warm and inviting and go well with a warm color palette. Note that gold has always been a symbol of luxury that steals the limelight and has emerged as one of the classiest metallic hues. One can infuse an old-world charm with the golden-brown hues of brass and bronze that look glamorous; it’s a warm and lively metal with a rich patina that infuses elegance and luxury.

Cool metallic includes shades of silver, nickel, chrome, and pewter, offering a sleek metallic aesthetic and going with cool tones and contemporary interiors.

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Functional Hardware

Choose between gold and silver metal for the cabinetry door pulls, door hardware, door pulls, and exterior door hardware. Move a step further and introduce metallic in the knobs and handles of the TV units, drawers, and wardrobes that are available in a wide range of modern, vintage, traditional, and minimalist designs. These shiny functional elements add a wow factor and enhance the overall glamor quotient of the home.

Designer: Aluminr


Metallic pieces of furniture, such as a metal coffee table, nesting tables, chairs, and bar stools, add bling to the décor of the home’s bedroom, living room, and other entertainment areas. Don’t be afraid of mixing metals; they provide a sleek and sophisticated look. Let a common design element, like wood, glass, natural stone, or a complementary shape, weave the pieces together when mixing different metal tones. A trick here is to let one metal be the focal point so that it can effortlessly combine with two or more metals that serve as accents to create a synergy. Finally, never clutter the space with too many metal hues. Experiment with a mix of gold and silver hues, as it is a great way to add depth and dimension to the home décor.

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Color Palette

Metal finishes enhance the aesthetics of a white space or a neutral-toned palette. For a maximalist look, combine warm metal with jewel tones or other shades of pink, dark navy, white, and black. The best part about warm metallic is that it is amiable and goes very well with wood and earth tones, especially if it has a little patina. If you don’t prefer gold accents, throw some warm light on the silver finishes to look like gold.

For a chic look, use silver or chrome tones that blend well with shades of gray, white, and sage green. If you want to achieve an industrial look, it is highly recommended to go for galvanized metal.

Designer: Rowen Homes

Lighting Fixtures

A light fixture with a dramatic sheen always makes a good first impression once you enter the room. Warm your space with a gold or copper chandelier that can form the showstopper element in a modern or traditional interior. Incorporate warm and cool metallic tones with light fixtures like bracket lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, and table lamps that also form a decorative accent.

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Add bling and bring a luxe vibe into the interiors with gold and silver-hued textiles. These finishes add instant class and sophistication to the soft furnishing and upholstery. Metallic threads are used for embroidery and design motifs to highlight the fabric and offer a rich and refreshing look. Use metallic in small doses for the accent pillow, throws, and cushions, and combine it with soft textures like mohair, wool, velvet, leather, and suede to complete the look.

Designer: Kylie Minogue

Look Up To The Ceiling

Install wallpaper and feel glamorous under the ceiling of the entrance foyer, as it is one of the most unexpected places to use metallic hues. One can also consider a metallic-hued grasscloth to add texture and dimension to the space and take the décor to a whole new level.

Designer: Lilly Bunn

Create Balance

The dynamic nature of metallic lends an intriguing contrast and visual depth. With the right balance, the décor can feel elegant and eclectic. Contrast is the key, so pair warm and cool metallic undertones and combine it with the soft textures of the rugs and the upholstery. Pay attention to areas like the kitchen and bathroom, as steel finishes dominate them and make these spaces feel cold. A good way to offset the steeliness of appliances and faucets is to offset the space with bronze finish handles, hanging crockery, and gold pendant lights. If there are too many warm tones in any room, go for a chrome finish pendant light or table lamp, and if the space feels cold, add warmth with warm meal accessories or a statement piece of furniture. In a large room, you can demarcate the area into two zones: one section has more gold, and the other has more silver. Another way to use metals is to create a harmonious look by combining similar metal tones in different finishes or the high and low shine options.

Designer: Nora

Statement Pieces

Accessorize the space with statement pieces of furniture that form the center stage and do not look OTT. Metal adds sparkle and offers a glamorous pop of color that can blend with the most commonly used colors in a well-designed space. Installing a large decorative piece in copper, silver, or gold for a bolder look can add richness and not look blingy. Another metallic trend is introducing a large metal framed mirror, mirrored wall panel, and furniture into the home decor. It mimics the sparkle and shine of polished silver. Its reflective qualities visually expand the space and make it look brighter.

Designer: Scarlet Splendour

Curated Accessories

Start small and strategically introduce smaller metal accessories as they reflect light and impart spaciousness. Metallic can be presented subtly in the tablescape, in bookcases, vignettes, trays, candle stands, and vases that are easy to change and move around. Hang photographs in a golden or silver frame. It works beautifully in the entrance foyer or hallway. Also, one can introduce metallic finish wallpaper with gold and silver accessories to create an exciting composition.

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Hence, even a tiny hint of metallic adds loads of character and subtle glamor. It’s a great way to add shine and impart an interesting touch to a dull space.