These rustic prefab cabins in rural Hungary are inspired by the shape of rocks

Nestled in the heart of Csóromfölde, Hungary is six stunning polygonal cabins called ‘Rock Cabins’. Designed and constructed by architectural firm Hello Wood in collaboration with TreeHouses, the brains, and brawn behind the immensely popular cabins in Noszvaj, the cabins have an almost mystical and mysterious appeal to them! Each cozy cabin accommodates two people, making it the ultimate romantic getaway.

Designer: Hello Wood and TreeHouses

Quite interestingly, the cabins are inspired by the shape of rocks. The intention behind these raw and real cabins was to create something that would harmoniously blend with nature, functioning as a natural extension of it. The cabin’s rock-like aesthetic helps it to effortlessly merge with the natural landscape surrounding it. Csóromfölde was once a farmstead and has hosted multiple architectural education programs and festivals through the years. However, once the summer season ended, Csóromfölde and its surrounding villages were abandoned for the rest of the year. Hello Wood is sure that with the creation of the Rock Cabins, they will be able to provide work to the locals not only during the construction process but also through operative tasks throughout the year as well! They’re excited to create job opportunities for the local people, thereby boosting the local economy, and also attracting more tourists to this lovely location!

The cabins were designed to be warm, minimal, and sustainable. Dark grey wooden panels, sharp edges, an intriguing geometric form, and an almost monolithic build make the cabins extremely unique, and unlike the usual A-frame cabins, we tend to come across. The interiors feature a living room, a bedroom area, fully-functioning kitchen appliances, a built-in wardrobe, and a dining table.

The bathroom is well equipped with a double shower and a panoramic infrared sauna. And the real star of the cabin is (according to me) – a large hot tub fitted into the spacious terrace, with direct access to the shower! Say hello to some much-needed downtime.

To ensure complete privacy and a truly relaxing experience, the cabins have been placed facing away from each other and towards the surrounding lush fields, and the rolling hills.  And of course, sustainability was a key element during the construction of the cabins! The cabins are primarily prefabricated – on-site construction work was reduced as much as possible. The innovative structure and cladding ensure that the cabins can be heated and cooled with minimum energy consumption. The main living area has been raised from the ground, the technical systems have been positioned below it, while the roof manages to balance the temperature within the cabins.

Could you see yourself spending a Hungarian summer at the Rock Cabins?