This innovative charger can charge and backup your device at the same time

In our computing-centric world today, there are two important things that people are concerned about: battery life and data. Mobile devices such as smartphones and even laptops need to be plugged in every so often, and the data that they store is too precious to leave up to fate. Charging and data backup, however, require two separate products, mostly because they have different requirements and goals that don’t always intersect, at least until recently. It turns out that the devices that we’d often like to charge are also the devices that need to have their data backed up regularly. Who says you can’t do both at the same time, especially with this wonder pocket-size charger that can quickly top up your device while it backs up your precious data with military-grade security.

Designer: Jacob Hsu

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At first glance, you might presume that this handy block is your run-of-the-mill phone charger. But, as they say, looks can be deceiving because even as a charger, the MemKeeper is in a league of its own. Utilizing cutting-edge GaN (Gallium nitride) II technology, this tiny charger is capable of putting out 65W of power, enough for most smartphones and even some laptops. With two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port, MemKeeper can even charge three devices at the same time in a 30W, 18W, and 18W combination.

Military Grade Secure – MemKeeper keeps your data private and secures it with AES-256 encryption.

Massive Storage Capacities – 256GB, 512GB, and a staggering 1TB capacity – ensure effortless and seamless storage for a clutter-free and efficient digital life.

MemKeeper’s real power, however, is hidden in what it can do behind the scenes while your device is still charging. Once plugged in, the charger also functions as a secure data storage solution, automatically backing up the connected device’s data into its built-in storage, available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities. Every time you charge, you are ensuring that your phone’s or tablet’s data is also safe and sound and free from the whims and costs of cloud storage.

Simply connect it to your phone, launch the mSync app, and enter a unique PIN for rock-solid security.

Make a switch and transfer your valuable memories to a new smart device with ease!

MemKeeper’s backup feature is more than just a convenient portable drive. For one, it uses AES-256 encryption, one of if not the strongest encryption standards used in the industry today. Using the mSync app, you can set a unique PIN so that you and only you can access the secured files stored within. You can even store data for up to 32 different devices, whether it’s iOS or Android, on a single MemKeeper, and it will know which encrypted backup belongs to which device. Worried that someone will accidentally back up their device just because they borrowed your charger? MemKeeper is smart enough to back up only authorized devices, so don’t hesitate to introduce your friends to the wonders of MemKeeper.

The backup solution lets you secure data from a whopping 32 mobile devices on a single MemKeeper.

The charger and backup solution in one is also smart in other ways. It can automatically pause the process when you unplug your device and then pick up where it left off the next time you charge. It also automatically detects duplication so your storage won’t fill up with more than one copy of a file. Free yourself from the insecurities of backup service and always have your data within reach with the smart, secure, and fast-charging MemKeeper, only $109 for 1TB of encrypted storage ($39 for 256GB, $69 for 512GB).

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $68 (43% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $120,000.