Hate flossing? This innovative electric flosser flawlessly cleans your teeth in 30 seconds

I’ll let you in on a secret – You’re not fooling your dentist when you lie about flossing every day. Trust me, they know… and I’m obviously talking about flossing in its traditional, oral-care sense, and not referring to that newfangled dance step that kids did back in 2019. Here’s the hard truth. Flossing is annoying, fiddly, and the idea of running a string between two teeth just sounds displeasing. As healthy as dentists claim it to be, flossing isn’t really user-friendly… and those plastic use-and-toss floss picks are terrible for the environment.

It’s one of those classic “It’s not you, it’s me” scenarios. People don’t like flossing because flossing isn’t easy or quick… although Flaüs hopes to change that. Designed to be the world’s first eco-friendly electric flosser, Flaüs is a hand-held toothbrush-shaped device with a replaceable flossing head. When powered on, Flaüs gently vibrates at 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute – it’s enough to safely remove all the food and plaque stuck between your teeth without hurting the most sensitive gums. Given that it’s about as easy to use as an electric toothbrush, Flaüs makes flossing your teeth quick, easy, and effective. Moreover, each replaceable floss-head is designed out of biodegradable materials and can even be composted after use… leaving your teeth and the planet as clean as they can be!

Flaüs comes with a nifty, ergonomic form factor that’s easy to hold and maneuver within your mouth. Unlike floss strings that are incredibly fiddly and require a good 10-15 minutes, using Flaüs takes all of 60 seconds and its carefully tuned sonic vibrations are much more gentle than your hands could ever be. Moreover, Flaüs even reminds you to floss every day, with 7 LEDs on its body that light up whenever you use it, so you know if you’ve missed a day at the end of the week.

Each Flaüs device, much like your electric toothbrush, comes with a replaceable head that you remove and dispose of after using each day. The only distinction is that Flaüs heads are designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Made from plant-based materials, Flaüs heads are safe to dispose of after use in either the recycling or compost bin. Moreover, they’re designed to be as small as possible, reducing the amount of net waste generated. Even on the energy-consumption front, Flaüs aims at being efficient, with an internal battery that lasts a full month before needing to be recharged. To solidify its eco-friendly mission, the makers behind Flaüs (in partnership with Plastic Bank) even commit to stopping 100 plastic bottles from reaching the ocean with the profits from each Flaüs purchased!

All in all, Flaüs brings flossing into the 21st century. With its focus on efficiency and sustainability, Flaüs makes oral hygiene quick, easy, and hassle-free (plus your dentist will be pretty happy too) and it all comes packaged in a sleek, IP67 waterproof design that’s a pleasure to look at and use. Its slender design sports a diamond-shaped single-button interface that lets you switch it on or off or even toggle between its two vibration modes – 6,000 or 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute. When you’re done, simply affix Flaüs on your mirror using its beautifully designed magnetic mirror mount, and don’t forget to safely dispose of the used Flaüs head in either the recycling or compost bin! Each Flaüs ships with 90 floss heads (which should last 3 months with daily use), a magnetic mirror mount, and a USB-C charging cable. You can even grab yourself additional floss-head bundles as an add-on to your purchase on Indiegogo. Oh, and don’t forget to brag to your dentist!

Designer: ANDesign for Flaüs

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Flaüs – World’s First Eco-Friendly Electric Flosser

Hate Flossing? Flaüs makes flossing as quick & easy as brushing your teeth. It uses sonic vibrations to move quickly and gently between tight teeth, removing stubborn plaque and debris from places your toothbrush can’t access.

Designed to reach the nooks and crannies with ease and give your gums the T.L.C. they deserve, Flaüs does the hard work for you.

12,000 Sonic Vibrations Per Minute

With up to 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute, Flaüs effortlessly glides between tight teeth and removes plaque and debris – providing a strong yet gentle clean.

Eco-friendly Replaceable Heads

Each Flaüs comes with a 3-month supply of replaceable Flaüs heads that are easy to use, sustainable and PFAS-free. After each flossing session, remember to compost or recycle the used heads (which are completely compostable and biodegradable), and simply snap on a new one.

Made from Plant-based Materials

Compostable, Biodegradable, BPA-free and Non-toxic

Made from plant-based materials and infinitely sustainable aluminum, Flaüs is better for your teeth and the planet.

Charge Once a Month

Their 1-month battery life, USB-C charging port and waterproof design make Flaüs the perfect travel companion or shower buddy.

Reach Every Corner with Ease

Find maneuvering traditional floss tricky? Flaüs’ ergonomic handle allows for greater control and easy access to those hard-to-reach places so you never miss your molars again.

Cleaner Than Your Fingers

Did you know up to 10 million bacteria live on your fingertips? Gross! The thoughtfully designed handle keeps your fingers and uninvited germs out of your mouth.

Build Better Habits

Have a hard time remembering to floss? Flaüs has built-in LED tracking technology that offers visual cues to help you keep up healthy habits and stay accountable.

Magnetic Mirror Mount

The magnetic mirror mount holds Flaüs above the sink, making it easily accessible and saving precious countertop space.

The Eco-nightmare of Dental Floss

Most dental floss is made of nylon coated in synthetic wax, which is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. Some even contain PFAS, which have been linked to adverse health consequences, including liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, obesity and cancer.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $109 (36% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $200,000.