Cobra-shaped smartphone stand is the perfect tabletop accessory for people with eclectic tastes

Put your Apple device on this serpent and it might just be the most uniquely modern reinterpretation of the Forbidden Fruit scene from the Bible…

Designed by Coppertist.Wu, this smartphone stand isn’t your conventional dock-shaped or tripod-shaped device. With a design so artistic it could easily pass off as a tabletop sculpture, the Cobra Phone Stand is made entirely from solid brass, with stunning detail all the way from the serpent’s head to each and every scale on the body leading up to its tail. “Inspired by the attacking posture of a cobra, the Cobra Phone Stand’s unique design details include over 2,000 scales and a tail that is raised to hold your phone or tablet firmly in place,” says the Hong Kong-based metal design studio. The snake’s eye is also hand-inlaid with black zircon, adding to its lifelike appearance.

Designer: Coppertist.Wu

Transforming animals into uniquely functional products is one of Coppertist.Wu’s most fundamental strengths. They created a Kraken-inspired Octopus Phone Stand last year, although my personal favorite remains their Chameleon Tape Measure, which turned the reptile’s long tongue into a retractable piece of measuring tape. Following that similar nature-inspired design direction, Coppertist.Wu’s Cobra Phone Stand is a pretty remarkable piece of art with its unique functionality. The cobra’s hood acts as a backrest for your device, while its tail creates a lip at the base to prevent your phone from falling off. The stand will work with most phones (even with cases on, provided they’re not too thick) and even slim tablets.

The Cobra Phone Stand majestically stands at 3.76 inches tall, and weighs a hefty 8.0 ounces (227 grams), making it double as a paperweight too. The entire snake has approximately 2000 scales on its body, crafted and polished to a stunning level of intricacy, and is additionally available in 925 Sterling Silver and Oxidized Silver variants too. Each version of the Cobra Phone Stand is handmade, hand-polished, and carefully crafted to ensure the highest level of quality.