Octopus-shaped smartphone stand is easily the quirkiest steampunk-ish tabletop accessory I’ve seen

Instead of releasing this Kraken, just keep it occupied by resting your gadgets and stationery on it.

Designed by artisan metallurgist Coppertist.Wu, this handy little bronze cephalopod does everything from propping your phone or tablet up to holding pens and styluses, all while looking like an absolute stunner on your table. Hong Kong-based Coppertist.Wu’s 8-legged creation embodies a cross between realism and functionality (quite like their Chameleon-shaped tape measure). 2 pairs of legs keep the little octopus stable on your tabletop surface, while an extra pair of legs helps prop your smartphone up at a nice readable angle. Thanks to the Octopus’ metal construction, it’s stable enough to hold your phone or tablet in both landscape and portrait modes without tipping over. Finally, the last pair of legs curl at the back, creating a cradle of sorts for holding stationery like pencils, pens, and styluses. “It’s the perfect nautical accent to any room,” says Coppertist.Wu. “It’s not only a great conversation piece but an amazing collectible piece of art as well.”

Designer: Coppertist.Wu

The tiny desktop accessory measures 3.5-inches in length, and 1.9 inches in width and height. Modeled with stunningly realistic details, each of the tentacles come meticulously detailed with suckers on their underside. Meanwhile, the octopus itself has a rough texture on its body, two blowholes on the side of its face, and a pair of eyes that either look menacing or calm, depending really on how you feel about octopuses.

The Octopus Holder weighs 7.4 ounces or 210 grams, and is cast from solid bronze. This gives your aquatic friend a nice metallic sheen that develops a patina over time, giving your little tabletop Kraken an individualistic appeal!