Edgy Lamborghini Sneaker Concept celebrates the legacy of the Italian marque on their 60th anniversary

In the past 60 years of its existence, Lamborghini’s made everything from tractors to supercars, and even the odd luxury yacht… but “what if Lamborghini made high-end performance footwear?” asks designer Hussain Almossawi. Designed as a tribute to the automotive icon’s 60-year rich legacy as well as an interesting ‘what-if’ hypothetical, these Lamborghini Performance Sneakers rather wonderfully encapsulate the company’s raging-bull design aesthetic, with an edgy piece of footwear that boasts great surface treatment and some absolutely jaw-dropping glowing details around the midsole and outsole.

Designer: Hussain Almossawi

Envisioned in two rather aptly named colorways – Redline Phantom, and Glacier Ignition, the sneakers come with a split-toe design and enough Lamborghini iconography to make these recognizable from a mile off. You’ve even got neon lights on the side in white and red, like the car’s headlights and taillights, along with air vents that instantly help viewers create that visual bridge between automobiles and footwear. It also helps that Almossawi’s approach to shoe design looks so radically different, that you’d almost never confuse it with your ordinary pair of kicks. After all, a Lamborghini is far from ordinary, right?

The shoe’s chaotic design ties in beautifully with some of Lamborghini’s more exclusive cars (the Sián and Terzo Millennio come to mind). The shoe’s multi-panel design features the use of regular and suede leather for that premium touch, against a technical fabric with a hexagonal design for that wild, sporty touch, and even a little carbon-fiber thrown in for that signature automotive callback. Glossy plastic elements like the one on the toe tip add that rugged appeal to the shoes, while those glowing elements on the side and base make the shoe look undeniably futuristic and like they’re made for speed.

The shoes are layered with Lamborghini iconography, including the company’s logo on a metal plate on the shoe’s tongue, the brand name glowing on the back, a subtle Italy flag on the front, along with the horned logo commemorating the Italian marque’s 60th anniversary.

A metal plate with the Lamborghini logo stamped on it sits on the tongue of the shoe

The “60 Anniversary” logo sits against a carbon-fiber weave

“To bring this shoe design to life, a detailed 3D model was created using cutting-edge CGI technology,” Almossawi tells Yanko Design. “The process involved intricate digital sculpting and precise material simulation to ensure that the shoe design accurately reflected the textures and details of the envisioned materials, including the smooth leather and suede leather.​​​​​​​”

A designer and bestselling author, Hussain Almossawi is based out of Brooklyn, New York, and has consulted with companies such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, Ford Motors, and other world-known brands. Click here to view the process behind creating these sneaker concepts.

This project is an independently designed concept and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Lamborghini S.p.A. or any of its affiliates.