This human-sized, can of beans shaped camper gives you a unique camping experience in national parks

When you think of camping, probably one of the staple foods that you can bring along with you and eat in front of the fire are beans. But when thinking about tents and camps, beans or cans of beans aren’t the first things you think of or maybe you don’t think of them at all. But a famous beans brand wants you to actually want to stay in a giant bean with wheels when camping in national parks. And of course, eat their beans.

Designer: Bush’s Beans

Bush’s Canper is a promotional idea for the family-owned bean company and they’re offering some lucky campers a chance to stay in the “fully stocked giant bean can on wheels” and stay in one of their three parks partners: Big Bend National Park in Texas, Grand Teton National park in Wyoming, or Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. Aside from looking like a giant can outside, the entire camper, errr can-per, has all kinds of bean-themed design touches including beddings, posters, furniture, and of course, food.

The camper also has water and power already, in case you don’t want to really rough it out when camping. It also comes with food, drinks, camping (canping) gear, and other things you will need when camping. And you also get a private chef to prepare all your breakfasts and dinners plus packed lunches for when you go explore the park. But of course, expect that most of your meals are bean heavy or at least bean-centric since they’re the sponsor after all.

When you win the raffle, you and a companion get an all-expenses paid trip to the national park of their choice and a stay inside the Canper as well as all the things mentioned above. I don’t know if the bean camper is the actual incentive for people to join but hey, at least you get to say that you stayed inside a bean plus had the chance to explore the national park for free. Oh and you get to eat lots of beans too.