This AI Gym-Set uses motion-tracking cameras to let trainers virtually guide your workout

The idea of a sweaty gym bench seemed icky a year ago… now it just seems like a hazard. Given that it’s going to be a while before you can go to the gym, Tempo Studio brings the gym AND the trainer to you.

The Tempo Studio is a gym-set that comes complete with a display and a motion-tracking camera that actively scans and monitors your exercise in 3D. With built-in exercise routines that are guided by expert trainers performing live exercise sessions, the Tempo is the equivalent of going on a Zoom video call with your gym trainer. Hop onto a personalized live session with a gym trainer of your choice and the trainer on the other side of the screen guides you through your workout. The Tempo Studio comes built-in with a workout mat as well as all the training gear you’d need, and Tempo’s AI-enabled camera module captures and tracks your body’s movement as you work out, allowing the trainer to remotely know where you’re going wrong.

The entire gym set occupies no more than 3 square feet of space in your house (barely the size of a standing mirror), and the vertical 42-inch screen lets you view your trainer as they exercise, while also letting you see your own stats, like your heartbeat, rep-count, and calorie-burn count. On the inside, the AI-enabled gym-set runs on a 10th-generation Intel i5 processor and an NVIDIA graphics card that powers the motion-tracking camera. The entire gym studio incurs a one-time cost of $1995 for the hardware and $55 each month for the personalized training. The barrier for entry does feel like a little on the more premium side, but then again, you’re really paying for equipment, state-of-the-art tech, and an entire roster of high-caliber coaches and trainers, which doesn’t come cheap. Besides, you’re paying for your long-term health too, which you really can’t put a price on, right??

Designer: Tempo