Cars of the Future? Three Wheels

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has been an important intersection between Eastern and Western Europe. It was named the “City of the Future in Southern Europe” by the Financial Times for their forward thinking. It’s been awhile since we’ve featured a “far-out” automotive concept and right now… I’m loving the Supersonic.

We’ve seen this stealthy shape before. In fact, artists in the 20’s-30’s envisioned a future where automobiles borrowed heavily from the railroad and airline industries. It never panned out but to see that style revisited reignited my desire to see – drive something totally different.

The cockpit is totally driver oriented. The car gets its power from 2 electric motors in the rear wheels. The front has a single wheel. Aside from the usual accoutrements like LEDs and Xenon headlights, the Supersonic has removable batteries. Instead of forcing people to install expensive charging stations in their garages, the batteries are compact enough to take with you indoors – charge wherever you like. My favorite feature? The photo sensitive liquid crystal canopy. It darkens and lightens for privacy and to control cabin temperatures.

Designer: Marko Lukovic