This automotive concept embodies Lamborghini’s raging-bull spirit

Meet the Concepto X, a 3D exploration by Bulgaria-based Milen Ivanov. There isn’t much to really dissect this as far as the car goes, because honestly, it’s just a form-exercise, but it’s a pretty neat form exercise that captures Lamborghini’s ‘essenza’ if you will. Take a second to cover the Lamborghini logo with your thumb and it still looks undeniably Lambo-ish. Here are a couple of reasons how Ivanov managed to do it.

First off, edgy, chiseled exteriors and an interplay of yellow with black trims is just a very signature Lamborghini move. The Concepto X does exactly that, with the amber-colored paint job and a black trim at its base. The Concepto X also comes with Lamborghini’s signature ‘Y’ shaped lights, not just on the back, but even on the front. Some would argue that these glowing lights alone are enough to be able to identify a Lamborghini in the dark. The Concepto X even ditches the rear windshield for its signature patterned air-intakes that became popular with the Aventador and Huracan. Speaking of air intakes, the angled intakes at the very front, right below the headlights scream Lamborghini too. I’m not particularly fond of the rims on the car’s wheels, but I’d leave that possibly to the designer’s own personal sense of style. If I had something more glaring to point out, it would probably be the fact that the Concepto X doesn’t have any doors or entry-points but hey, it’s just a form-exploration concept. And a pretty desirable one at that.

Designer: Milen Ivanov