This might be the most elegant water purifier ever designed

With a classiness one could attribute to Scandinavian or Japanese minimalism, the Luvia water-purifying jug believes in absolute transparency – both literally and metaphorically. Made entirely from glass, the Luvia jug helps you see the water as it’s being purified, and is minimally designed enough to make it worthy of keeping on your tabletop or kitchen counter. While most water purifiers have the appearance of an industrial appliance, the Luvia styles itself as a decor-worthy jug that’s beautiful to look at, with a compact catalytic carbon filter suspended in the center, and a chic bamboo lid that lets you keep the jug covered at most times.

Designer: Jacob Shumaker

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The usage of glass serves multiple design and functional purposes. On purely the aesthetic front, the all-glass jar is nothing short of stunning. Made with a one-piece design, the jar has a double-walled construction with two levels – one for the water you pour in, and another for the water that gets purified by the Luvia jar.

The jar’s borosilicate construction gives it crystal clarity while a 3mm cross-section makes the jar virtually shatter-proof and more rugged than most. Finally, the usage of all-glass means that there’s no plastic used anywhere in the Luvia’s design. Not only does that make the jar environmentally friendly (and somewhat recyclable), but it also means there’s no danger of unwanted compounds leaching into your water.

Sustainable Carbon Foam Filter – Independently tested to meet the NSF 42 and NSF 53 standards. It significantly reduces harmful substances such as chlorine, chloramine, PFOA/PFAS, pharmaceuticals, herbicides/pesticides, and trace heavy metals.

Simple Filter Setup – Made using eco-friendly materials and production techniques, their filter requires no additional housing, significantly reducing waste.

The Luvia is what we call in industrial parlance a ‘gravity filter’. Pour water into the top, and gravity forces it to pass through the filter into the vessel at the bottom. Without motors, pumps, or any electrical components, gravity helps purify the water, giving you clear H2O that’s fresh, pure, and odor-free. The water, in Luvia’s case, travels through a catalytic carbon filter that traps harmful substances such as chlorine, chloramine, PFOA/PFAS, pharmaceuticals, herbicides/pesticides, trace heavy metals, and more. Additionally, the filter helps with pH neutralization to give your water its great taste. The filter, like the jug itself, is sustainably made with a zero-waste zero-plastic approach.

The Luvia has a pristine, almost heirloom-like quality to it. Its clear design with the simple bamboo lid makes it a wonderful addition to most tabletops and countertops, while cleverly masking that the Luvia is, in fact, a purifier and not merely a regular jug. The Luvia comes with a two-liter capacity, and costs $104 for early bird backers on Kickstarter, while filter replacements are available as add-ons.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $180 (51% off). Hurry, only 8/190 left!